Occupational Rehabilitation

Total Physiotherapy offers many services to local businesses and employers including employee injury and illness prevention, health and wellness promotion, assistance with return to work transition, as well as injury rehabilitation.

Worker pushing a weighted cart

Work Conditioning Program

Success in returning an individual back to work occasionally requires a progressive physical and functional conditioning program.

Total Physiotherapy’s work conditioning program is aimed at improving strength, flexibility and endurance to restore and prepare workers for the last steps in their return to work and/or activities of daily living.

As work transition may not be available to these patients, specific physical and functional goals are established in order to determine success with the program, criteria for discharge and future recommendations.

Work Hardening Program

Total Physiotherapy’s work hardening program is a comprehensive goal-oriented program designed to improve function through exercise, education and functional tasks. The ultimate goal of the program is to facilitate return to work for individuals with a specific job or occupation to return to, but are not working due to injury or illness.

Total Physiotherapy strives to return rehabilitating individuals to their maximum functional potential. Our Work Hardening Program utilizes a combination of progressive and coordinated exercises and tasks aimed at achieving this goal. This program consists of cardiovascular exercise, therapeutic stretching and strengthening, general fitness training, work simulation and educational sessions.

Prior to starting the program all participants undergo an Intake Assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist, and a Baseline Functional Abilities Assessment with our Registered Kinesiologist to determine current physical status and to help establish program goals and objectives.

Program outcomes are impressive to date, with 83% returning to full unrestricted employment, and 17% returning to modified work.