Ergonomic Assessment

Total Physiotherapy offers a number of specialized services with their primary focus on injury and illness prevention, health and wellness promotion, as well as assistance with return to work, and injury rehabilitation.


image of wrist pain

Total Physiotherapy provides ergonomic and worksite assessments to improve the worker – worksite relationship and ultimately decrease the potential of work related injury.

Identification of potential risk factors within an occupational setting is an essential component of employee safety and well-being, as well as promoting wellness within the facility.  Ergonomic hazards can be identified in order to develop a plan of action to modify or eliminate potential risk factors.

Both physical and organizational issues are examined, with particular attention to workplace activities, physical workplace design, environmental issues, biomechanical concerns, and overall systems design.

We Can Help…

  • Reduce costs related to ergonomic injuries and resultant production losses.
  • Develop and implement a self-sustaining ergonomics program
  • Identify, prioritize, evaluate and control ergonomic concerns.
  • Solve specific ergonomic problems.
  • Increase productivity through the application of ergonomic principles in the workplace.
  • Develop and implement effective pre-employment functional evaluations.
  • Manage occupational and non-occupational related injuries.
  • Develop a healthier, more productive workforce.

For more information on ergonomic assessments, or if you have any questions related to our occupational health programs, please feel free to contact us.