Auto Accident Claims

Total Physiotherapy provides rehabilitation services to individuals that have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Legislative changes in automobile insurance policies often make it difficult for patients to maneuver the system and receive the care that they are eligible for.

At Total Physiotherapy, our rehabilitation programs are second to none, and we have extensive experience in providing the necessary care and advice to individuals recovering from motor vehicle accident related injuries.

Physiotherapy, massage therapy and kinesiology services are provided by our highly qualified and experienced clinicians and support staff. Our administrative support staff is often involved in order to assist patients in navigating the medical and insurance system, as well as ensuring that every patient receives the care that they require.

Our treatment programs are unparalleled, and we often provide services in a multidisciplinary environment, including necessary communication with your other health care providers.

We provide assessment and clinical diagnostic services, acute and sub-acute injury care, pain management strategies, chronic pain management, active rehabilitation programs, work conditioning and work hardening programs.

For more information on these programs please feel free to contact us.

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