Falls Prevention & Mobility for Seniors

It is estimated that one in three seniors will experience a fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury in seniors and can result in hip fractures, hospital admissions, and in some cases, death.

Woman on balance board

Risk factors for falling have been studied extensively in the literature, which indicates that falls can be prevented if the needed changes are made in people’s lives.  Below is a list of risk factors for falling;

  • Over the age of 65
  • Using 4+ medications daily
  • Mixing medications and alcohol
  • Using sleeping pills
  • A lack of regular physical activity
  • Changes in balance, muscle strength and flexibility
  • Health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis
  • A history of falling
  • A fear of falling
  • Environmental hazards (snow, ice, uneven ground)
  • Home environment (loose rugs, poor lighting, stairs)
  • Age related changes

Total Physiotherapy offers individual falls prevention programs.  The purpose of the program is to address concerns of Physicians and patients by helping individuals overcome the fear of falling, to prevent falls, and to promote a more active and healthy lifestyle among its participants.

The falls prevention program includes both an educational and active component.  Topics to be discussed in the educational component include; staying active to prevent falls, preparing for and recovering from a fall, home safety, foot care and shoe safety, assistive devices and gait aids, and heart health.  Each participant will be instructed on a comprehensive, individualized exercise program to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

If you are at risk of falling based on the above risk factors and are interested in the program at the clinic, or if you are a physician, nurse practitioner, or caregiver who would like to refer a patient to the program, please contact us.  Working together we can prevent falls!